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Accent Neutralization
This program is focused on eliminating mother tongue influence and developing a neutral accent. The effectiveness in the program lies in the systematic approach to the training. The emphasis is placed on Phonetics and Intonation which are the two major areas that impact accent.

Below are listed some of the important components of the Accent Training workshop:

Email etiquette
Writing effective email.  Many companies send email replies late or not at all, or send replies that do not actually answer the questions asked. If your company is able to deal professionally with email, it will contribute greatly to giving you the competitive edge. Moreover by educating employees as to what can and cannot be said in an email, you can protect your company from irate customers and awkward liability issues.

Personnel Grooming
Zealsoft program focuses on presenting oneself with finesse and making others comfortable in a business setting. This program also has a component of Personal Grooming Training that is targeted at young professionals who are just entering a business environment.

  • First Impression

  • Wardrobe

  • Grooming

  • Body appearance

  • Meeting etiquette

  • Email and telephone etiquette

  • posture


Working at ZTS:

We look for people who are inspired and passionate about their work, are willing to take the initiative, and work towards achieving organizational goals by team effort...

Healthy and Safety:

ZEALSOFT  takes health and safety very seriously and is committed to achieving standards of health and safety in the workplace that exceed the legal requirements...


At Zealsoft, fast paced growth is the only way ahead. We recognize individual contributions; both at the engineering and operational levels, and our transparent processes and systems make sure that credit is given where it is due...